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Technology Innovation Center 10001 Innovation Drive
United Healthcare Innovation Point - 10400 Innovation Drive
Wood Lake I Oakwood Center
WE Entergies M-10 Building GE Healthcare
Wood Lake II Bloom Center
MCW Research Park Center Crowne Plaza Hotel
Wood Lake III Mayfair Woods

5th Floor
The Technology Innovation Center (TIC) is MCRPC’s award winning, self-supporting 137,000-sq. ft. high-technology business incubator - one of the largest in the United States. Since opening its doors in March 1993, the TIC has attracted over 140 firms (including 99 graduates) and helped create over 1,000 new high paying jobs. Currently 46 companies with over 230 employees occupy space in the building. Over two-thirds of these employees hold jobs created since the firms first entered the building. The majority of TIC companies are in information technologies (60%), followed by medical and biotechnology (25%). The remainder are in electronic equipment, industrial automation, engineering, composite materials, and other technologies (15%). The TIC has 11,200 sq. ft. of wet lab space equipped with appropriate fixtures, ventilation, and equipment. Technology Innovation Center tenants enjoy dedicated conference rooms, high band width and affordable access to the Internet, an in-house library, access to corporate and university affiliates of MCRPC, networking opportunities with other tenants, monthly business seminars, and additional business resources.
Technology Innovation Center
Several TIC companies have gained national and international recognition for their innovations. Tushaus Computer Services, Inc. was a member of the Inc. Magazine 500 list of the fastest growing privately held businesses in America. Internet Connect, Inc., a regional Internet service provider specializing in connecting large corporate networks and institutions to the Internet, was acquired by Time Warner Telecom, Inc. The telecommunications infrastructure created by Internet Connect forms the core of Time Warner’s nation-wide network. The Institute for Viral Pathogenesis, Inc. has been featured on the ABC Evening News with Peter Jennings because of the research it is doing on the human herpes virus (HHV) as a possible cause of multiple sclerosis. Zystor Therapeutics, Inc. which relocated its laboratories from St. Louis, Missouri has developed a drug for the treatment of several rare diseases. The company was recently acquired by a large California pharmaceutical company. GroupWare Technologies, Inc. has developed an AIDS/HIV case management application called Provide that is being used worldwide. Medical Advances, Inc., an enterprise built around seven radio frequency (RF) patents from the biophysics laboratories of the Medical College, is now part of Phillips Electronics the large Dutch multi-national corporation.
Capital Improvement Program
The building that houses the Technology Innovation Center was built in 1913 as the Muirdale Tuberculosis Sanitarium. Because of a track record of good management, the TIC has successfully managed its affairs so as to become “self-sufficient” as it relates to operating costs. However, without significant capital improvements the TIC building risks functional obsolesce. With them the TIC will be transformed into a sustainable green facility within the context of energy consumption, water use, wastewater output, and renewable energy production. The Technology Innovation Center’s ability to keep up with the promise evident in its history and location will be dependent on an investment which must come from external sources. Working with the cooperation of Milwaukee County’s Facilities Management Division, Johnson Controls, Inc., and many other design, engineering and construction professionals and contractors, MCRPC has developed an exhaustive and comprehensive capital improvement program. The core of the TIC Capital Improvement Program is a complete upgrade of the mechanical systems of the TIC building. The upgrade includes new high efficiency boilers, an innovative central air conditioning system, solar hot water, photovoltaic roof arrays, replacement of all lighting with energy-efficient fixtures, new fire alarm and security systems, new plumbing fixtures, and a new domestic hot water system. All windows, doors, and entryways to the building will be replaced with low-emission, state-of-art products. Multiple studies have verified the benefits to productivity and the working environment of natural light and fresh air. All the new windows in the building will be operable and historically accurate. All of these and other improvements have been engineered and estimated and will be bid ready within 60 to 90 days after funding is procured. It is anticipated that new boilers will be installed with no cost to Milwaukee County or MCRPC when steam is abandoned west of the freeway as part of the Zoo Interchange reconstruction project. The Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) and Marquette University have proposed a sophisticated prototype sensor and monitoring system that will be installed to provide real-time data that can be analyzed and evaluated as part of a pilot research study. The total budget for the TIC Capital Improvement Program is $9,000,000.00. It is estimated that approximately 177 jobs will be created by this “shovel-ready” project over a construction period of 12 to 18 months. Approximately 28% of the jobs will go to minority firms. Over the expected 50 year life span that the Capital Improvement Program will give the TIC it is expected that the building’s entrepreneurs will create over 3,000 new high-paying jobs.
Research Development Fund
All of the occupants of the research park (defined as land owners or land lessees) contribute each year to the research development fund on a prorated basis. These contributions are then used to fund such things as technology scholarships for minority college students residing in Milwaukee County and attending area universities, support for the regional science fair, funding for entrepreneurial support organizations such as BizStarts Milwaukee, and other similar activities.
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Internet Connect, Inc Niceware International, LLC
Medical Advances, Inc Procorp Enterprises
Thin Air Software, LLC ZyStor Therapeutics, Inc

ABL Technologies, LLC - Development of electrophysiology tools for the high growth cardiac ablation market that will provide a new mapping system for physicians treating heart arrhythmia.
Agro BioSciences, Inc.- Microbial based research  and development company focused on increasing the bioavailability of plant compounds.
Attalus Communications, LLC - Design, installation, and support for all-in-one communications systems.
BungeeCraft Corporation - Tenant provides cost-effective computer systems integration and information technology solutions for small and mid-sized businesses by aligning their clients' business and IT strategies, improving business processes, and deploying and supporting solutions that accelerate business results.

Cell Reprogramming & Therapeutics, LLC:  The development and commercialization of cell-based technologies to target diseases of the central nervous system with an aim to develop cellular models and therapeutics for neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Claudia Egan Law Offices, LLL - Law office focusing on complex commericial transactions and computer and technology law issues, particularly electronic medical records, system security and hardware and software acquisition.
Cytometix, Inc. - Is an early-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the pre-clinical development of novel therapeutics.
Datadigm, LLC: Provide the .energy-consuming sector, including governmental agencies, utility companies, building owners, and consulting firms with data-driven modeling and predictive analytics, with a focus on building energy use modeling, assessment analytics, and  retrofit recommendations.

Ellie, LLC:  Development of fluorescence polarization (FP) assays that can detect the binding of a small fluorescently labeled peptide or oligonucleotide to a protein of interest and marketing of such products globally.

EnableOne Consulting:  Building a solution that leverages the Microsoft Dynamics xRM platform to provide supply chain functions within organizations a toolset to manage relationships with their partners that enables one type of system to manage a common set of data and processes.

Equastat, LLC: Development of software and analytic tools to assist small and midsized businesses derive value from data collected from multiple sources.

Find Accounting Software - Directory of business software products and vendors.
Forge Marketing Conusultants, LLC:  Full service marketing and advertising company combining traditional media and new e-marketing techniquees to bring sales results to its clients.
Gammex, Inc. – manufacturing and distribution of quality control devices for ultrasound, mammography, medical imaging and laser alignment systems.
Global Capital Group, LLC - Global business intelligence trans-disciplinary consulting that specializes in (1) talent productivity, (2) organizational development, (3) enterpreneurship/wealth creation ecosystems growth, (4) entrepreneurship and economic development research, and (5) social entrepreneurship.
Groupware Technologies, Inc. - Health and human services information technology consulting firm. ProvideŽ Care Management software program developer and vendor.
Innotech Materials, LLC - Development, production and sale of functional nanocellulose and biomass conversion technology for various applications in biomedicine, chlorine-free wastewater treatments, paper and pulp recycling, and biofuel production..
InSpatial, LLC - development of ambulance dispatch, GPS technology-based tracking, and management software and services, including training and support, to emergency medical transport (EMT) companies.

IT Finity Soltuions, LLC: IT consulting services to customers across a variety of industries, predominately small to medium sized businesses, to implement cloud, mobility, and business analytics technologies.

James deGuzman - Office for representative of Hewlett-Packard's commercial line-up of PCs, printers, notebooks, workstations, thin clients, displays and related accessories for corporate clients in the State of Wisconsin

The Joxel Group, LLC:  Analyze the business and information technology needs of organizations in order to deliver strategic and technical solutions using industry leading methodologies and technologies.

Lansare Corporation - development and marketing of on-demand software applications and related IT services for life insurance companies and other financial institutions that will analyze, report, and review product data.
Lockstep Solutions, LLC - Tenant offers a wide range of business solutions and services including strategic IT planning, application development and maintenance, Six Sigma methodology, IT staff augmentation, IT consulting, DMS (Document Management Solutions), WMS (Web Content Management Solutions), and database maintenance.
Logan Automation, LLC - Custom designed process control solutions for industrial manufacturing facilities, to facilitate the automation of new and existing plant equipment.
ManagePoint, LLC - Provider of a "single point of contact" for Helpdesk services, server, network and applications monitoring in addition to on-site technical support, application development and web services.
MARS IT Corporation - Woman-owned software consulting company providing client server and web development services, staff augmentation, training services, and offshore software development.
Milwaukee County Research Park - Technology park and business incubation for technology-based firms.
Molecular Specialties, LLC - Development and marketing of microwave probes for electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) applications.
MRR Soft, Inc  -  Development of software applications including Artifi – a Saas-based product configurator, Znode – a .Net eCommerce platform, and Epiphany Learning – an eLearning product that provides teachers and students, grades 3K to 12, a secure web-based application to quickly and easily enable personalized learning models and to create real-time visibility to academic and behavior data. 

NAMBTECH Solutions, LLC:  Design and deploy customized reporting services and software as well as data-driven decision making solutions to fit business enterprise reporting needs creating consistent, quality data for making sound and meaningful business decisions.

Securience - Technology development and web research with pending patents in Internet search technology and other areas such as development of a flavor research and production business manufacturing flavored eLiquids.
Sieva Technologies, LLC - designs and manufactures (directly or through third parties) apparel with-embedded technology and also develops software for use with that embedded technology.n
Serlio Software Corporation - Software engineering tools, services, and distributed computing solutions based on .NET, J2EE, and similar platforms, plus mentoring and training for implementing best practices in software development.
Servo-Robot Corporation - Development of a broad product line of hybrid laser vision and sensing systems that can be integrated into robots and other special purpose machines for scam tracking, seam finding, monitoring, and inspection of manufactured products.
Shining Brow, Inc. - Software development and business management solutions consulting to customers who perform services for other businesses, such as the interior landscaping contracting industry.
Sieve Networks, Inc. - network security design and implementation, network audits and analysis, network documentation, and network monitoring and management.
Smart Measurement - is a global exchange network specialized in supply chain optimization of Process Control Instrumentation (PCI).
Soliton Technologies, Inc. - test automation software, data acquisition consoles, automated test equipment, process control systems and related services to vertical markets like the hydraulic and pneumatic industries, the healthcare industry, automotive parts manufacturers and the RF and Power Systems industry.
Tailored Solutions, Inc. - Job tracking software for the printing industry.
THRIVE! Life Services, LLC - Development of human capital through individual coaching, face-to-face classes for groups of people, corporate training, and creation of online classes. 
Ticomix, Inc. - Helping small-to-medium sized businesses succeed by implementing innovative technology solutions including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, IT Service Management (ITSM), Computer Networking and Network Hosting.
Tobin Solutions, Inc. - Providing a full range of information technology services for business.
Trillium Specialties, LLC - Development and marketing of specialty chemical technology with a focus on color and other additives for the plastics and polymers industry.

Wauwatosa West Suburban Association of Commerce, Inc. . - Business association that represents companies in and around Wauwatosa and the west suburban Milwaukee community, supports business, and creates an environment of cooperation among the many business communities represented within its membership.

Wisconsin Procurement Institute - a non-profit organization that was established 20 years ago by Wisconsin’s Congressman Les Aspin. Its mission is to assist Wisconsin companies with Government contracting - helping firms successfully enter and develop their Government market segment.
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In April of 1984, then County Executive William F. O’Donnell convened a Blue Ribbon Task Force to make recommendations for the disposition of a 175 acre parcel of excess County Institutions land. The Task Force concluded that a university-based research park was the highest and best use of the land. The basic objectives outlined for the research park as set forth in the Blue Ribbon Task Force Report dated September 23, 1985, page 19 are as follows:

  • To develop a high quality research and technology park on County Grounds for the purpose of creating jobs, stimulating new enterprises, and to encourage balance and diversity in the regional economy.
  • To be a center for encouraging entrepreneurship motivated by the opportunity to generate profit, offer employment, and stimulate ideas.
  • To pursue innovation and development of research products for the benefit of the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center, area universities and technical schools, as well as area municipalities, the City of Wauwatosa, Milwaukee County, the Milwaukee Metropolitan region, and the State of Wisconsin.
  • To support research facilities, pilot plants, and prototype production facilities that require a high degree of scientific input, together with related professional support activities, offices, and conference facilities as may be required.

  • Organzation & Funding

    Subsequently, in 1987 the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors created the Milwaukee County Research Park Corporation (MCRPC) as a non-stock, not-for-profit, quasi-public, corporation to manage the development of a research park. Proceeds from the sale or lease of land, tax disbursements, grants, and rent and fees from a business incubator have funded operations.

    Infrastructure was funded through a development partnership between Milwaukee County, the City of Wauwatosa, and MCRPC. Funding was provided in part by tax incremental financing (TIF).

    The cost of starting the park was approximately $14,000,000. $4,000,000 came from Milwaukee County in the form of “start-up” or “seed” capital. This money, some of it in the form of loans, was used to renovate the Technology Innovation Center, the research park’s business incubator for start-up technology-based companies, staff salaries, and operating expenses such as rent, janitorial services, and accounting. Since 1998, no tax money has gone to the park. This money was paid back in full to the County by May 2000 with funds generated from tenant rent and land sale proceeds. In total as of June 2012, the research park has contributed approximately $13,400,000 to the County, $4,900,000 in rent to the County for the use of the incubator building and $8,478,000 in land sale proceeds.

    The City of Wauwatosa provided $10,000,000 in TIF funding to the park that was used for streets, sidewalks, site preparation, public utilities, and storm water management infrastructure. The City made additional expenditures in the way of public improvements for specific development projects such as the GE Healthcare facility. The TIF expires in 2016, but the City expects to pay the bonds off earlier. Currently the buildings in the park have an assessed valuation of over $206,000,000 and the City collects over $4,350,000 in annual real estate taxes.

    The corporation has a volunteer Board of Directors and a paid staff. The Board is made up of representatives from business, academia, and government. Except for the five members of the board who are county supervisors, the Milwaukee County Executive appoints the remaining 10 members, which include a representative of the City of Wauwatosa and the County Executive’s personal representative. The board is structured in such a way that a majority of the members come from the private sector.

    In October 2006, the Milwaukee County Research Park Occupants’ Association, Inc. was created to manage the common areas of the park. The occupants’ association has hired MCRPC to administer the operation and maintenance of the common areas.


    MCRPC will nurture technology-based companies, strengthen Milwaukee County’s business base, create new employment opportunities, and facilitate technology commercialization. This objective will be accomplished by bringing together the substantial academic, intellectual, business and entrepreneurial resources of the metropolitan Milwaukee area in a physical environment conducive to such activities.

    The fundamental means that MCRPC has used to accomplish its mission and the objectives of the Blue Ribbon Task Force has been to develop and sell land, acting a “broker/developer” for Milwaukee County, by operating the Technology Innovation Center (TIC), the research park’s business incubator for high-tech, start-up businesses, and providing certain value-added business and technical support to companies located in the park and incubator.

    Site Plan Research Park
    MCRPC site map


    MCRPC grounds (aerial view)
    The 175-acre Research Park lies within a larger, 1100-acre natural expanse called the Milwaukee County Grounds. The setting features permanent green space buffers, extensive wooded areas, activity trails, sidewalks, ponds and a natural waterway. The master plan called for a “campus like” environment that will differentiate the Research Park from other real estate developments. Building sites that ranged in size from 1 to over 20 acres have been available for qualified users. Land is available for acquisition by means of purchase or long-term lease.

    In early 2011, MCRPC released its lease-hold rights on 16 acres of land in the Northeast Quadrant of the County Grounds. This event allowed Milwaukee County to sell this parcel along with approximately 65 acres of addition land to the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Real Estate Foundation for the development of the UWM Innovation Campus associated with UWM’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. The Innovation Campus will add significantly to the cluster of entrepreneurial activity already created by MCRPC and the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center.

    The Research Park is located in the City of Wauwatosa, the geographic center of the metropolitan Milwaukee area and all of southeastern Wisconsin. MCRPC is located in the City of Wauwatosa, the geographic center of the metropolitan Milwaukee area and all of southeastern Wisconsin. The site is convenient to two major expressways, Interstate I-94 and U. S. 45. Downtown Milwaukee is ten minutes from the Park and Mitchell International Airport can be reached in fifteen minutes. A large and diverse labor force is located within an area easily accessible by means of public and private modes of transportation. Commercial districts, Mayfair Mall, hotels, restaurants, parks, and attractive residential neighborhoods are only blocks away.

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    Foreign Trade Zone
    Foreign Trade Zone No. 41 includes the Research Park. As such, foreign and domestic merchandise is considered to be international commerce. This offers numerous advantages to manufacturers, shippers, or anyone else interested in saving on U.S. Customs duties. Imports may enter and be held in the Zone without customs duties. Duty is paid only when those imports are shipped into U.S. Customs territory. Customs duties are not paid on merchandise exported from a Foreign Trade Zone.
    University Partners
    The Research Park is affiliated with four universities: Marquette University, the Medical College of Wisconsin, the Milwaukee School of Engineering and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Tenants of the Research Park have access to these universities and their faculties, students, laboratories, libraries and specialized equipment. Several Technology Innovation Center tenants have commercialized innovative technology developed in university laboratories. Additional resources are available from the Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC).

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    Land Development Summary
    The most recent census indicated that there were approximately 115 businesses in park: 46 in the Technology Innovation Center and 69 in multi-tenant and single occupant buildings. These businesses employ approximately 4,800 people. With the exception of the TIC, all of the other buildings are owned and leased by private developers. Occupancy has been exceptional in the park, with the vacancy rate currently under 5 percent. Total land sold equals 97.1 acres, with 23.7 acres left to sell or lease. This remaining land has a total value of $4.8 million.

    The park contains 14 buildings with a total of 1,691,000 square feet. This includes the largest building in the park – GE Healthcare’s 506,000 square foot clinical systems and corporate IT facility and the 200 room Crowne Plaza Hotel.

    Impact of Zoo Interchange Reconstruction
    Work on the Zoo Interchange Reconstruction project continues in the core of the interchange. Work in the interchange's core is scheduled to continue until summer 2018, with work on I-41/US45 between Swan Blvd and Burleigh St pending budget approval. Below are a list of impacts affecting the Milwaukee County Research Park:

    • The Zoo Interchange's system ramp from I-41/US45 SOUTH to I-94 EAST is closed until late spring 2017
    • The Zoo Interchange's system ramp from I-94 EAST to I-41/US45 NORTH is closed until late Spring 2017
    • The WIS 100 entrance to I-94 WEST is closed until late Fall 2017
    • The WIS 100 entrance to I-94 EAST will close for approximately 30 days in early Spring 2017
    • The I-94 WEST exit to WIS 100 is closed until late Fall 2017
    • The 84th St entrance to WEST can only access I-41/US45 NORTH from Spring 2017 through late Fall 2017
    • The I-94 EAST exit to 84th St is inaccessible until Summer 2018
    Visit for all project info, detours, and more

    • A synergistic environment with over 70 other high-tech firms
    • The best location in the metro-Milwaukee area
    • Immediate access to freeways and public transportation
    • An advanced fiber optic-based telecommunications infrastructure
    • Affordable high bandwidth Internet for incubator clients
    • Access to a skilled and educated work force
    • Access to the faculty and students of four major universities
    • 15 minutes to downtown and Mitchell International Airport
    • A unique campus-like setting with sidewalks and nature trails
    • Restaurants, lodging, recreation, and shopping within minutes
    • Attractive traditional neighborhoods and great schools nearby
    • Hotel and conference center on-site
    • Adjacent to the Medical College of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center
    • A business incubator, the Technology Innovation Center that is home to 44 new technology-based businesses
    • Technology and business development assistance from a Park staff that understands emerging technologies
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    Land is available for acquisition in the Milwaukee County Research Park (MCRP) by means of purchase or long-term lease. The MCRP Board of Directors has the authority to sell all of the land within the Research Park without going to the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors for approval. The rent payable and the term of a lease are negotiable and shall be based on the sale price of the land as described below. The purchase price is subject to a current appraisal at the time of acquisition. Lots 12 and 22 contain land that has been set-aside for a nature conservancy, activity trails, or storm water management. The purchase price of these lots will be adjusted to reflect net useable area. The gross acreage may be used in certain cases for building and parking lot coverage ratios. Prices below, except for Lot 10, are for office and technology uses. The price for Lot 10 is for an at-market commercial use. Lot 8 and Lot 9 shall be combined at sale to make one parcel. Lots 12 and 22 may be combined at sale or sold individually at the sole discretion of the MCRP Board of Directors. The building on Lot 21, commonly called the M-10 Building, is owned by WE Energies and may be available in the future for a commercial development, possibly in combination with Lot 10. Lot sizes take into consideration certain land takings by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation on March 19, 2013 and July 30, 2013. The Research Park is zoned by the City of Wauwatosa as a Research Park Planned Development District. Information is effective as of July 1, 2014. MCRP reserves the right to make changes to information contained herein at any time without notice, including with respect to lot number, gross acres, net acres, price/acre, and total price.

    Site Plan Research Park
    MCRPC layout map


    Gross Acres

    Net Acres


    Total Price









































    21 (M-10)(1)










    (1) Land Only

    For further information contact:
    Guy Mascari
    414-778-1400 (O)
    414-416-6874 (C)

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    BizStarts Milwaukee, Inc. - Connect resources together, such as local businesses, law firms, accounting firms, public sector service providers, other successful entrepreneurs, business incubators, investors, and universities; provide content in the form of training programs; and establish other contacts that will assist entrepreneurs to launch new enterprises.
    Convergent Corporation Group, LLC - develops and operates the premier network of online B2B communities for the small-to-medium enterprise (SME). These communities provide the SME market exposure, insight, reach and engagement opportunities historically limited to large enterprises.
    Dermavation, S.C. - Enroll human research subjects in FDA approved Investigational New Drug (IND) treatment programs conducted by pharmaceutical companies and provide clinical trial and data management services associated with these programs.
    Developer One, Inc. - Software products for handheld, mobile computing, and PDA devices.
    Dynamic Innovative Solutions, LLC - is a business to business services company specializing in document conversion, document management and destruction, and physician practice solutions.
    Johnson Heart Care Center, S.C. - Development of new treatments and ideas related to heart care including collaboration with bio-science tenants.
    JSO Technology, Inc. - Development of general computer network integration solutions for company clients, with a special focus on security, document management, and workflow redesign.
    Guild Software, Inc. - On-line simulation software and multi-player games.
    Illumination Optics Inc - provides custom engineered optical solutions to manufacturers of illumination devices as well as OEM's of equipment with integrated illumination devices.
    MedTrak, LLC - Development of multi-modality patient transport systems that safely bring together patients and their associated anesthesia and monitoring equipment with imaging systems within the surgical suite, treatment room, or other diagnostic or procedural environments.
    MMPEX Systems, LLC - Developing, marketing, and deploying innovative industrial-grade, ready-to-deploy solutions that combine the newest generation of low-cost mobile robots with auxiliary material handling technologies, controls and software.
    Montgomery Associates Resources Solutions, LLC - Water resource engineering and management, including storm water management, erosion and restoration, rivers and streams, lakes and wetlands, and groundwater.
    MPP Group, LLC- MPP Group is a global pharmaceutical company that specializes in novel, small molecule APIs that serve a variety of acute and chronic clinical needs.
    PhysioGenix, Inc. - Pharmacogenetics and physiological genetics products and services.
    Procorp Enterprises LLC - specializes in sustainable water and wastewater treatment solutions.
    Productive Data Corporation - ASP, web hosting, electronic publishing, eCommerce, and data conversion.
    Uni-Comm Corporation - Engineers and designs PBX, wireless, and other telecommunications.
    Veridia, LLC - development and marketing of diagnostic assays for medical, veterinary, and food safety professionals in areas of business which are not currently covered by other products and for diseases that are under-diagnosed such as leptospirosis.
    Vulkans Forge Consulting Ltd.- Development of a proof of concept and conduct a pilot project to demonstrate the feasibility of an efficient marketplace for the exchange of prodedural documentation among manufacturing professionals.
    Wisconsin Viral Research Group, Inc. - Medical diagnostics laboratory focusing on virologic research.
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    National Business Incubation Association (NBIA) site contains conference information.
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    Under Development
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    Guy T. Mascari
    Executive Director
    Milwaukee County Research Park
    10437 Innovation Drive, Ste. 123
    Wauwatosa, WI 53226-4815

    telephone 414.778.1400

    facsimile 414.778.1178
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